Path finding algorithms

In developing various game with HTML/Javascript and C++/SDL I’ve found that path finding algorithms can sometimes be hard to implement. My first path finding implementation was the A* algorithm in Javascript. It was my senior year in college and I stayed up all night working on perfecting the code needed to make the damn thing work.

Well, while I was browsing the /r/progamming subreddit I found this link (here). It’s awesome! If you are currently working on implementing a path finding algorithm I highly recommend checking out that link. There is a repository where you can compare code and the visuals allow you to compare results.

I wasn’t thinking!

So unfortunately when I went to reset my VPS I actually forgot to copy my Mysql database. So all my previous blog posts are gone! But luckily I only had 7 posts so it isn’t THAT bad I suppose.

I still want to continue with the 3 month challenge and would ultimately like to post a blog entry everyday, no matter how short or small. I just think it’s good practice for when I go to write a proposal, grant, or… my dissertation!

So because of the mess up I’m going to reset the blog entry counter to zero. So here we go!