SDL 2.0 Tutorial-03: Metasprites

So last week we were able to generate a collection of textures and draw them to the screen. In terms of memory this isn’t very efficient. This week we will be creating one texture from a meta  SDL_Surface* . This will be my last part of this basic tutorial, if there are any topics you would like discussed please email me at “”. If you do occasionally read these posts please let me know which posts you find interesting!

There are many ways to structure game logic, and for a simple 2D game being written in C it comes down to mostly personal preference.


7 thoughts on “SDL 2.0 Tutorial-03: Metasprites

  1. I think you forgot to add functions to the functionpointers, like:
    Game.gfx.buildSpr = gfx_buildSpr;
    Game.gfx.destroySpr = gfx_destroySpr;
    Game.screen.drawSpr = screen_drawSpr;

    Without these lines in game_init(void) i can´t run the program successfully. It just crashes on the first use of the functions.

  2. The function pointers are being set on line 60/61 of the second code block but I realized after posting this that styling the code that way may only work with GCC (i.e. the compiler I was using at the time). So that is worth noting.

  3. I´m sorry, Stephen. Didn´t see the lines you mentioned. It works for me for the “buildSpr” and “destroySpr” functions, but i still have to manually assign the function pointer for the “Game.screen.drawSpr” function in game_init().
    I think this was the initial problem. I just played with the code and placed all three functions into init without realising that only the drawSpr function was never assigned in your code ( at least i couldn´t find the assignment on this website).

    But thanks for your code. Very easy to follow and thus easy to learn from.

  4. Thanks! For a beginner like me, this was very useful. I especially like how neatly each step in the tutorial merged into the next.

  5. Thanks for the great tutorial! The way you structured your code was so clear, and it was easy to follow along.

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