Update #1

The Cube World server stuff seems to be at an OK spot for now. I’ll let people kind of feel out the experience and see if I can get a community started (or not). Since I got that up and running I’ve been working with the GSL (GNU Scientific library) doing some linear and nonlinear reaction diffusion systems. Check out some of the results!

sine diffusion
temperature distribution along a rod with non-constant diffusion
sine - craziness
what happens if your space step is too big… haha

For now I’m thinking about switching gears back to the 6502 emulator stuff! I’ll keep you posted on how that develops and what I actually decide to do with it. I also get an email from the girl who did the music for Lurid (what little bit of music it had). She asked about how the project was coming along… I’m not sure how to response and as a result will probably ignore the email but it got me thinking. I do miss working on Lurid but the lack of support really hinders progress. I’m not being paid as much so that makes things even worse. I’m not sure what will come of that project (if anything).

We’ll see I guess

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