It’s Alive! (Kinda)

Work on Lurid has been moving along quite nicely over the past month. Lurid is a spiritual continuation of a game demo I put together sometime last year. My goal is to have a code base put together which allows for all the raw game mechanics one would expect from a basic RPG or Roguelike genre. The game is being developed in the LÖVE gaming framework, which is basically a binding of the SDL low-level library. Some of the roguelike elements are being driven by RotLove, which is a port of the famous RotJS. All graphics are being provided by Oryx design lab and I’m streaming game development most days between 8pm and 10pm EST over at JustinTV.


Over the next week or so my short-term goal is to iron out combat mechanics. Currently, there are two types of enemy. One is a Rat type which just moves around randomly every so often and if you happen to be next to him the next time he move he will attack your character. The other type of enemy is a Wolf type which, if you are close enough, will track you down and attack at a fixed interval. The combat right now isn’t as fun as it could be. In the near future I’m planning on creating animated GIFs to demonstrate the exactly what I’m talking about but for now if you are interested in trying out a build shot me an email ( or comment below (I love trading builds with other devs too!). I guarantee more updates in the near future. I also have a WordPress plugin which displays code quite nicely that I’m excited to make use of.

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