Interest without application

So I’ve been working on a few things. First, last week I participated in the 3hr Game Jam which was a lot of fun. You can play my entry here and the source is here. I just recently discovered The Arbitrary Game Jam that takes place the first week of every month. I looks like a ton of fun so I’ll most likely be participating in that as well.


In the past month I’ve found two extremely interesting libraries that I haven’t been able to do much with. The first being Duktape which provides embedded Javascript (similar to V8 or Spidermonkey but without the overhead). This is great because it opens up the possibility of developing a binding for SDL2 and a physics engine like Chipmunk or Box2D, written in Javascript. I’ve played with some “proof of concept” builds and I’m very certain this is possible (something like the Love2D framework did with Lua script). There doesn’t seem to be anything like this out on the market currently. I’m just not sure that I should be the one to develop such a framework. It is a lot of work and not something I would most likely keep maintained. Although I do believe I’ll use it more in my own engine, where scripting makes sense.


The other library, which I’ve known about for quite some time, but still haven’t found a solid use for it, is lib6502. I worked on developing a NES game some time back and came across this library. I would love to add 6502 ASM to one of my projects but so far it hasn’t made much sense to do so. We’ll see, hopefully this will change in the future!

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