Bacon Game Jam 08

I participated in the 5th bacon jam over a year ago and had a blast doing it, so I’m doing it again with the hopes of beating my old score. Last time I teamed up with an artist, this time I’ll be doing everything! I will be updating this post along the way with my progress! I’m using GCC and SDL2, the code base I’m starting with can be found here. Wish me luck! If you would like to participant be sure to sign up here.

Update #1

We are about two hours in, the theme is “Millions of them.” My current idea for a basic game mechanic is to have the player move up/down/left/right and shoot a lightning bolt which kills all enemies along that direction. These enemies would be small, move randomly, and there would be “millions of them”. I’m going to start coding it up and see what we get!

Update #2

6 hrs in, about to call it for the night and get some rest. Tomorrow I’m going to polish the simplistic gameplay I have already and hopefully add an extra layer of fun on top! I was going to post a Gif of what I’ve done so far but unfortunately I don’t have the software installed on this computer, and I’m too tired to install everything right now. If I can remember, I’ll post a Gif first thing in the morning.

Update #3

Just got up, I’m going to try and polish what I made yesterday and try to add more flash and fun! 1 day and 7 hrs left 😀

Update #4

Done! you can check it out here: