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Kubeflow Jupyter Configurations

For those of you familiar with Kubeflow you’ve probably worked with the form below. This is the screen you get when creating a custom Jupyter notebook server. Here you can dictate all the pieces of information required to deploy the jupyter notebook via Kubeflow. In the documentation for Kubeflow notebooks step 12 discusses setting up…

Constructing the Twitch Bot

I want to give the IRC bot a post of its own as not to distract too much from the machine learning post. This bot will be used to log IRC chat messages and poll for viewer counts on Twitch. There are a ton of different ways to implement this so feel free to take…

Knight Online Terrain (GTD format for 1299)

I want to talk a little bit about reading from binary files using C/C++ and the file structure for the Knight Online terrain files (i.e. files with the extension “.gtd”). To follow along you need two things: A C/C++ compiler, here I’ll be using Visual C++ (Community 2015)A 1299 terrain file, I’m using “karus_start.gtd” but any…

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