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Current Events

Ok, so I’ve been pretty busy. Right now, as I type, I’m running a special simulation in Matlab that could quite possible become a pillar of my dissertation. Since school started back I’ve settled into quite a nice little schedule. I’ll wake up around 7am, shower, eat, have a cup of coffee, and spend an hour or so just “waking up”. It is pretty nice! I read a post on Reddit about how waking up earlier and making work part of you day rather than waking up for work can have a profound influence on your mood. And from what I’ve experienced so far I would agree!

So anyways, I will wake up, head to work, head home and then relax a bit. For the past 15-20 days I’ve been streaming game development on the creative section on from about 8pm to 10pm or so. I stream for about two hours each day to keep the progress on Lurid steady. Hopefully after enough 2 hour work days I’ll have something worth showing off to friends and the gamedev subreddit. We’ll see!

Also, I switched web hosts, I’m now on Amazons EC2 servers. It is terrific, I should have made the switch earlier! That’s all for now, I need to check on my simulation. I hope to keep you updated.

I wasn’t thinking!

So unfortunately when I went to reset my VPS I actually forgot to copy my Mysql database. So all my previous blog posts are gone! But luckily I only had 7 posts so it isn’t THAT bad I suppose.

I still want to continue with the 3 month challenge and would ultimately like to post a blog entry everyday, no matter how short or small. I just think it’s good practice for when I go to write a proposal, grant, or… my dissertation!

So because of the mess up I’m going to reset the blog entry counter to zero. So here we go!