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Arx Libertatis

I have been digging around lately for feature-length games with readily available source code. I really enjoy looking back over great source code and trying understand the underlying structure. Most recently I learned about Arx Fatalis, which is now being developed further by passionate hobby developers under the project name Arx Libertatis. I never even knew this game existed!

Arx Fatalis was originally developed by Arkane Studios, the developers for the more recently popular game Dishonored. I have been making my way through this game in amazement. I am a huge fan of the King’s Field series of game and Arx Fatalis seems to capture a lot of the feelings of isolation that are synonymous with the King’s Field series. The fact that this entire project is open source and under the GNU Version 3 license is just icing on the cake. If you have time, follow this video tutorial and get a version of the source code up and running for yourself! At the very least, get the game off Steam or GOG and enjoy this wondrous experience!

Arthur’s Grove: Update

So lately I’ve been working a lot with C++ to beef up my skills for possible future employment. Part of this work has involved me going back over Arthur’s Grove (AG) and writing it in an object structure. I’ve also started using Git version control for similar reasons. So┬áthe results of the week are as follows:


I added a non-hostile bug entity to the world. It walks around randomly and is destroyed in one hit. They are mostly there for amusement and to add to the environment.

I added the ability to sail across the ocean while riding a whale!

I also added the ability to shoot tsunamis across the sea, for future sea combat.

I added a basic worm enemy which will turn up dust in the player’s face. The movement for the worm enemy is a simplistic straight line but more intelligent enemies will come soon.